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Current Trends in K-12 Violence

  • Teacher-student sexual misconduct remains an on-going problem. An estimated in 1 in 10 children will experience sexual misconduct by a school employee by the time they finish the 12th grade. 

  • Sex trafficking has emerged as a serious problem in K-12 schools. While exact numbers are hard to come by, there are hundreds of arrests every year for trafficking involving minors. Even in relatively affluent areas, like Northern Virginia, authorities report sex trafficking in every high school and many middle schools.  More research is desperately needed on this topic. 

  • Reports of racial, ethnic, national origin, and religious discrimination are also very high. A 2014 report from the Office of Civil Rights shows that there were over 51,000 reported incidences of harassment and discrimination based on protected characteristics. The real number is likely much higher, as schools do not always report all incidences of discrimination to the federal government, and students only report a small fraction of overall abuse. 

  • General school violence, such as crime, has dropped since the 1990s. However, acts of mass school violence, like school shootings, remain a problem. 

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Impact of School Violence

  • A 2014 study from the United Kingdom found that children who reported being severely bullied in school developed statistically significant worse health outcomes that were evident 40 years later.

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